I'm begging for some help

I've been working at this problem for about a week and can't seem to make any progress (positive progress, that is). I really want to do  well in my C class so any help would be appreciated.

Write a program that acts as a simple database of NAMES and
Social Security Numbers.  The NAME, SS# and AGE are entered using
a command at the prompt. The average Age of the Names in the
Database can be obtained by a command.


1) Your program must compile without errors Using the
   regular C compiler.

2) Name  and Social security an Age should be stored in
   an array of pointers to string. Each pointer will point
   to a ":" separated string containing the the name , SSN# and
   age,  For example one entry can be :Ernest montrose:111-12-3245:58:

3) Duplicate SS# are not allowed.

4) The database should be able to hold 100 entries and
   must deal gracefully with the case of a full database.

5) Must be able to add and remove entries from the DB.

6) Must be able to display the content of the DB.

7) All entry must be in lower case, except the first letter
   of the first name and last name.

8) Add your own requirements for extra credit ( Be sure to
   tell me what they are ).


At the prompt the following commands are recognized:

ADDN <firstname lastname>  ( Add a name )

ADDS <SS#>                 ( Add sociall security to a name )

ADDA <age>                 (Add the age )

RM   <name or SSN#>        ( Remove an entry by name or by social
                      security must handle Duplicate names here )

DISP [name] [SSN#] [AVERAGE]  (display data by name or by social
                              security.  With no argument
                              to DISP it displays the whole database.
                              With AVERAGE as an argument it displays
                              the average age for the people in the

Q                       (Quits the program)


Once one of the Commands ADDS, ADDN, ADDA is done the other two
must follow!!  Your program must enforce this so that the data
is packaged properly before it is stuffed in the database table.
Notice that there is no restriction on the order in which these
three commands are issued.  You also must make sure that once
one of the three is issued it cannot be reissued if it was
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rbrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can send you a source code for a little database and I can offer you help how to make your problem be coded with this database. But I won^t write the full code for you. Send an email to rbr@tip-informatik.at
This is a great assignment!  Your teacher is to be commended.

If you would like help with homework we would be happy to help you, but nobody here will do the work for you.  Please ask specific questions and we'll provide either specific answers or suggestions.

Part of the learning process is failing on some attempts, and trying an idea to find its limitations.

Good luck!
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