Saving Bitmaps in VB6

I am programming in VB6 (Professional) although I am not a pro programmer. I want to save graphics that are generated by the program on a picture box that takes the whole screen, how do I save this as a 16 colour bitmap rather than the default 16 million or so as this makes the file size about 2064mb and is huge to then email. I know that paint can save as 16 color, but want to email from within my program. Is there a way within VB or can I use an API. I have never used API's before and am very wary of doing so as my program will be loaded onto about 6 other machines of varying platforms  
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have you considered the option of Zipping the file.
i can send you an OCX that will do that in the back.
just tried it on a bmp like that and it zipped it to 204k.

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TConstableAuthor Commented:
Zipping is fine if the reciever can unzip, I was actually looking for an api or ocx that would save in 16 colours as the graphics that I use would lend themselves to this format.
1. why have you accepted my answer if it's not what you wanted ??
2. the OCX i'm talking about can be used in application that will be unzipping it on the reciving side as well as in your sending application.
if you want the OCX - paste here your email and i'll send it within 24 hours or so.
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