Help wth ADO and access

I am using ADO for the first time and am looking for some samples of ADO with access Db.
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Option Explicit   Private Sub cmdOpen_Click()
       Dim Conn1 As New adodb.Connection       Dim Cmd1 As New adodb.Command
       Dim Errs1 As Errors       Dim Rs1 As New adodb.Recordset
       Dim i As Integer       Dim AccessConnect As String
       ' Error Handling Variables       Dim errLoop As Error
       Dim strTmp As String
       AccessConnect = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};" & _
                     "Dbq=nwind.mdb;" & _
                     "DefaultDir=C:\program files\devstudio\vb;" & _
                     "Uid=Admin;Pwd=;"       '---------------------------
       ' Connection Object Methods       '---------------------------
       On Error GoTo AdoError  ' Full Error Handling which traverses
                               ' Connection object
       ' Connection Open method #1:  Open via ConnectionString Property
       Conn1.ConnectionString = AccessConnect       Conn1.Open       Conn1.Close
       Conn1.ConnectionString = ""
       ' Connection Open method #2:  Open("[ODBC Connect String]","","")
       Conn1.Open AccessConnect       Conn1.Close
       ' Connection Open method #3:  Open("DSN","Uid","Pwd")
       Conn1.Open "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};" & _
                  "DBQ=nwind.mdb;" & _
                  "DefaultDir=C:\program files\devstudio\vb;" & _
                  "Uid=Admin;Pwd=;"       Conn1.Close
       '--------------------------       ' Recordset Object Methods
       ' Don't assume that we have a connection object.
       On Error GoTo AdoErrorLite
       ' Recordset Open Method #1:  Open via Connection.Execute(...)
       Conn1.Open AccessConnect
       Set Rs1 = Conn1.Execute("SELECT * FROM Employees")       Rs1.Close
       ' Recordset Open Method #2:  Open via Command.Execute(...)
       Conn1.ConnectionString = AccessConnect       Conn1.Open
       Cmd1.ActiveConnection = Conn1
       Cmd1.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM Employees"       Set Rs1 = Cmd1.Execute
       Rs1.Close       Conn1.Close       Conn1.ConnectionString = ""
       ' Recordset Open Method #3:  Open via Command.Execute(...)
       Conn1.ConnectionString = AccessConnect       Conn1.Open
       Cmd1.ActiveConnection = Conn1
       Cmd1.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM Employees"       Rs1.Open Cmd1
       Rs1.Close       Conn1.Close       Conn1.ConnectionString = ""
       ' Recordset Open Method #4:  Open w/o Connection & w/Connect String
       Rs1.Open "SELECT * FROM Employees", AccessConnect, adOpenForwardOnly
       Rs1.Close   Done:       Set Rs1 = Nothing       Set Cmd1 = Nothing
       Set Conn1 = Nothing       Exit Sub   AdoError:       i = 1
       On Error Resume Next
       ' Enumerate Errors collection and display properties of
       ' each Error object (if Errors Collection is filled out)
       Set Errs1 = Conn1.Errors       For Each errLoop In Errs1
        With errLoop
           strTmp = strTmp & vbCrLf & "ADO Error # " & i & ":"
           strTmp = strTmp & vbCrLf & "   ADO Error   # " & .Number
           strTmp = strTmp & vbCrLf & "   Description   " & .Description
           strTmp = strTmp & vbCrLf & "   Source        " & .Source
           i = i + 1        End With       Next   AdoErrorLite:
       ' Get VB Error Object's information
       strTmp = strTmp & vbCrLf & "VB Error # " & Str(Err.Number)
       strTmp = strTmp & vbCrLf & "   Generated by " & Err.Source
       strTmp = strTmp & vbCrLf & "   Description  " & Err.Description
       MsgBox strTmp
       ' Clean up gracefully without risking infinite loop in error handler
       On Error GoTo 0       GoTo Done   End Sub


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