How to use MaskEdit to ensure a correct number input


I am working on a program where I need to be absolutly sure that the number i receive is 11 numbers no more no less.

I have fumbled around with MaskEdit and EDBEditError exceptions, but I am rather uncertain how to use this correctly.

I would like to know if I am all wrong in assuming that I have to use exceptions and how to use them correct.
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you can use a mask edit, make the mask
'999999999' ie 11 numbers..

then you can run a check like

if lenght(Maskedit1.Text) <> 11 then
  //handle the fact that the user has not typed in 11 digits!

Rob ;-)

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if you place a mask like


then the user cant leave the field, if there are less than 11 digits entered.

no special check must be done

Meikl! I always seem to learn something new from you :-)

Raven please reject my answer as Kretzschmars is much neater!
Rob ;-)
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TheRavenAuthor Commented:
Hi RBertora

Well your answer was'nt that bad, I somehow tried alot of wrong ways to test the length of the text, just not the way you mentioned, so thanks for that.

I was avare of the MaskEdit options explained by Meikl so you gave me more information ;-)

Thanks Raven,
I hope Meikl doesn't feel too bad :-(
Rob ;-)
nope rob,

i be happy to see you at the top15 soon.
now one step nearer ;-)

Very happy to hear that
thanks Meikl :-)
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