how to capture other 3 keyboard of 104 keyboard ?

I 'm programming a program ,which require that when it start ,user can't switch to other program.
  how to capture the keyboard such as "ALT+TAB" ,"ALT+F4",and other 3 keyboard of 104 keyboard ,and let it do nothing ?
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ZoppoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi jancook,

You can use RegisterHotKey for a lot of them (not all, i.e. CTRL-ALT-DEL or CTRL-SHIFT-ESC can only be hooked by writing an own gina.dll or something), i.e.:

// hWnd should be the handle of the main window of your app
ret = RegisterHotKey( hWnd, 1, MOD_ALT, VK_TAB );
ret = RegisterHotKey( hWnd, 2, MOD_ALT, VK_F4 );

Then you can override your window's OnHotKey() to handle these keys or to do nothing.

hope that helps,

jancookAuthor Commented:
how about other three additonal key of 104 keyboard (the standard keyboard is 101 keyboard ) ,how to deel with it ?
Which keys do you mean?
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