canot even ping between windowz and linux

hi i have set up my rtl8139(A) network cards on my linux(SuSE6.2)
i have set up the ip and netmasks like this linux box       irq:11 windowz box     irq:11

i set the ip address up in windowz
i got to the networking section then i select the tcp/ip section for my network card and fill every thing in there

i fill in the networking info for my linux box in YAST

but when i try and ping to the windowz box from the linux box there is activity on the hub,on the back of the network card on the linux box and on the back of the windowz box
but it isnt responding
and the windowz box cannot oing the linux box

i honestly dont know what is going
please help
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Can the windows box ping the linux box?
One or the other might have their IRQ set wrong
so they get no indication that there is an incoming
packet.  The ethernet card sees the activity (lights flicker), but doesn't get the CPU's attention because the wrong IRQ line goes high.  This is sometimes a problem with Plug and Play devices.  Some config tool will hard code an IRQ in a config file, and somewhere along the line, the PnP will reconfigure.

Since you said there's a hub, I'm assuming 10baseT, so termination isn't an issue, on 10Base2 the "collision" light would give that away.

strikieAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Also, can you ping yourself on each system? If not, you may have bad IP stack on one/both side(s). Or a bad NIC.
If you can, you may have a bad cable or port on the hub.
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strikieAuthor Commented:
so i should chang the ips
and how do i change NIC

and the cables and hub aer fine ive run diognostic progies on both comps
Before you try any hardware solution, remove all clients, adapters, protocols, and services from your Windows network setup.  Reboot your computer, and just reinstall the driver for the network adapter, and TCP/IP bound to the same adapter.  No client, nothing else.  Then retry the pings.  

You didn't mention what version of Windows, but Win95 was notorious for the protocol stack getting messed up, where a simple removal and reinstall fixes things.
on your linux box, what does the output of the route command show you?
strikieAuthor Commented:
route shows this;
Destination  gateway  genmask  
home         *
loopback     *
flags  metric  ref  use iface
U      0       0       0  eth0
U      0       0       0  lo
for your win95 box, make your linux box the default gateway.

for you linux box try running the following:

route add default eth0

unless you're going to be adding another interface (ppp, slip)...
From all of the comments I cannot tell if you can
ping your self from each of the machines.
Also what do you get when you run ifconfig on
the Linux box?
please tell me what r u seeing on the terminal if u give "ifconfig"
Also from ur earlier comments i see that ur routing tables r not correct. please give thye following command on the terminal and reply
" route -n".
try the following stunt "
" route add -host <windows m/c ip> dev eth0"
and then try to ping to the windows m//c
try and tell
hope to get a ++ responce.

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strikieAuthor Commented:
heres what i get for my ehthernet card when i do the ifconfig command

Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr00:00:B4:A4:84:66
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
RX packets:42 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0 collisions:0 txqueuelen:100
Interrupt:11 Base address:0xc000

what does windows m/c ip mean
does it mean the ip address of my windowz box cause when i did
#route add -host <> dev eth0
the reply was
bash: No such file name or directory
I think he meant like this:
#/sbin/route add -host dev eth0
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