CRichEditCtrl: scrolling

When I add text to a rich edit control with SetSel and ReplaceSel, I also want the rich edit to automatically scroll down if the text added will go past. I've already specified the Auto VScroll flag but this only works when the caret is within the rich edit and you press "return". I am adding text to the rich edit through a normal edit box, so the Auto vscroll does not work.
I checked out an article at Code Guru (, and this seems to be exactly what I need, but the code does not make sense and the resource file is in Korean so no help there.
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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Either m_richedit.SendMessage(EM_SCROLLCARET) after ReplaceSel, or apply the ES_NOHIDESEL style to the Rich Edit control.
cyberbumAuthor Commented:
You are a god man, it works like a charm, been busting my head for days with this. Thank you!
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