can't shut down while in networking

I can't shut down my win 95 when I'm in network environment. It will hang at the shut down portion. If I logoff the network then I can shut down normally.

I try to change RAM & network card, it not help.

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It would seem that something such as a login script has control of your computer. Does a script run at login.
What kind of netware are you running? Microsoft Network or Microsoft Netware or others ?

Normally, You should have a Microsoft Network in your Network Proprties. This Microsoft Network cleint is for connecting to either a workgroup or a domain. The protocol you used should be TCP/IP. Please remove other protocol if you have.

Next, if you are using Microsoft Netware, when you login to the PC, it will run a login script ( e.g. login to novel netware server . Hence, you may not logoff successfully. You have to disconnect from the workgroup or domain,then you may shutdown your PC.

However, if you are not running netware under Win 95, please remove them out of your network properties.

I hope this may help you.
If you disconnect from your mapped network shares, and close all programs (via Task Manager) will the system shutdown?

If so, go through one at a time, and close these untill you find the one that is the culprit.
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I have seen Internet Explorer's Actvie Desktop cause this problem.
Disable and see if that fixed the problem
This is a known issue with IE4/Active Desktop/Mapped Drives.

Either ditch the Active Desktop or update to the latest IE4 SP2.

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Microsoft has an update on this problem. Try Update Windows....
This seems to solve the problem...
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