ASIP and windows connectivity

We have talked to many AppleShare people at Apple and they say they have NOT heard of this one. We rebuilt the AppleShare Server from scratch Here is the problem.
Stock 256 meg RAM G3 Server with 2 - 9 gig HD. Stock Mac OS 8.6, Stock Appleshare 6.2, Fresh Install of Both.   We have 100 Mac’s and 30 Windows 95,98 and 10 Windows NT systems running on the network. The network is  divided into 55 segments with Cisco and Cabletron Switches.  File, Web and Printing Sharing is on.  e-mail off.  Settings for AppleShare activity are at 85% and Cache in AppleShare is set to MAXIMUM per Apple.  Virtual is OFF.  Pretty stock AppleShare 6.2 server.  2 hard drives set to 10 volumes and 70,000 files total.
All Macintoshes over Appleshare and TCP/IP, Web and Print Spoolers work fine.  Never fails.  Nothing unusual!  Actually works pretty good. No speed problems.  Only 14 devices per segment.  We have a very fast network.  Many other Linux and Windows NT Servers which also are running fine.  Pretty straight forward single ZONE AppleTalk network with about 100 users.  The network uses mostly TCP/IP with about 250 Class C addresses used.  BUT after 24-30 hours of operation (pretty consistent) ALL Windows 95/98 users when accessing ANY of the 10 volumes on the AppleShare server will only display 6 folders or files per subdirectory.  No More No Less!  Windows NT workstation is fine and sees all folders and files!  The 95/98 systems can see ALL Volumes and Files on all other NT Servers.
Also, ALL the 95/98 systems that can only see 6 folders or files per directory use SMB.  This seems to be a SMB problem for JUST 95/98. Refreshing, rebooting the 95/98 systems do not help.  Even though you can only see 6 folders or files per subdirectory if you get into DOS on these same 95/98 systems you can see all of the folders and files when you do a DIR.  Rebooting the server makes it work again.
I hate to see this server get replaced by an NT server, but that seems to be the only other option.  If anyone can help with this please let me know, or if there is anyone that knows a way to migrate a ASIP server over to NT and keep permissions I would appreciate it also.  

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You are out of luck.  If Apple doesn't know you are screwed.  The best bet is to install a NT Server and migrate the files over that your PC users use.  There is no way for you to take them with permissions so do it slowly.
Take one folder at a time and watch permissions before you move them.  Then once you move them reset the permissions so that noone has access to the old server, and that will take care of the aliases that your mac users may have.  Then once you get it copied set the permissions as appropriately.


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At least you offered an answer.
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