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 I am having a problem with my packard bell monitor...It seems i cannot find the drivers for is a 1402s series made in 1994...The only drivers it will load are the plug and play drivers from the windows cdrom...And it is a 15 inch monitor...IT will only display in 640x480...and 600x800...I am using a voodoo 3 2000 graphics card, so i know i have enough graphics for higher, is it the size of the monitor or a driver or hardware conflict...Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.And by the way i have searched everywhere for the drivers for this monitor and cannot come with them...thank you
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mitrakisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just choose an alternative monitor from within window's suggestion list.
I personally have set up a standard SVGA 1024*768 monitor.
Now you'll be able to set up several combinations of screen res , color depth and frequency.

The PnP driver isn't that good since it often limits values though your monitor supports higher values (e.g. screen resolution, frequency etc.)

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The Windows drivers will work with resolutions higher than 800*600, I suspect that you monitor is the limiting factor here.
Check out the manufacturers website or docs. I have a 15inch which goes up to 1024*768 which is what I have it set at...the Banshee I have can go up past 1600*1024 but the monitor itself can't, so my systems max res is 1024*768.
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