3D Studio MAX help: Particles along a spline.

I need to make an animation of a school of fish swimming. I have created the line that will be the path and a Path Follow space warp and selected the line for the Pick Shape Object. Then I created a PArray particle system and a cylinder with 0 height as the emitter.
In the particle type rollout, I chose the option Instanced Geometry. And under Instancing parameters, I picked the fish object.
When I play the animation, the fish are generated fine but they are not oriented right. The fish move along the path but they are not looking into the travelling direction.
I created a dummy and assigned a path position controller to it under the motion tab. I also checked the follow box. Then I linked the fish object to the dummy. But, when I play the animation, the fish are still not facing the travelling direction.
How do I correct this?
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i don't think the particle system have the capability to rotate constrainting to the path direction. I haven't check that yet... but i have a suggestion for you. If you are to make a school of fish swimming through a path... why don't you just make the fish one by one... just copy the path... end reedit one by one a bit... then assign each the fish to the path. I believe the preview and rendering will be faster than if you use particle system and assign the instanced geometry. As I know, you cannot orient the movement of a single particle. One assignment I've done to make the fish swimming... I use bones to animate the 13 fishes with different movements, and assigned them to several paths which are different a bit to each other. The result is i get more realistic movement for the fish. Anyway you can control the speed (acceleration and deceleration) of each fish !!! Hope this will help you.

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variamjgAuthor Commented:
I guess that's the only way out. Thanks for the help.
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