NT User Directory Ownship

Is there a way to change the ownership of an NT user's directory. I need to change the ownership permissions for a large number of users and the NT security tools just don't hit the mark for this.

TIA  Dave
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You've mentioned about two different things: ownershisp and ownership permissions. The first one is defined by the Owner field of the security descriptor associated with directory. The second one is an item in in the DACL. In common for each directory you will have to do the following actions:
1) read security descriptor
2) modify it
3) write it back

The step (2) is most difficult and requires a lot of API calls and memory reallocations. I have a set of components that essentially simplify this step. They are available on my site at
The tutorial is located at


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DaveCourtAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for your speedy help Aldyn

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