Fonts on Solaris 2.6

How can I determine what font packages are installed on my Solaris 2.6 workstation? What filenames chould I be looking for?
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mpassConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Type the following:

xlsfonts [-options] [-fn pattern]
A list of XLFD names and font alias names available on your system is displayed. Bitmap fonts show values in all fourteen XLFD fields. Scalable typefaces show zeros in the PixelSize, PointSize, ResolutionX, and ResolutionY positions.

To check for specific fonts, use the pattern-matching capability of xlsfonts. Use wildcards to replace the part of the pattern you are not trying to match.

If xlsfonts does not show any font names starting with dt, your font path does not include the desktop fonts. Type the following command to include the desktop fonts into your available fonts:

xset +fp directory name
where directory name is the directory containing the desktop fonts. The default location set by session startup is /usr/dt/config/xfonts/language.

For additional information:

The xset and xlsfonts man pages list the available options.

Go here for more information:

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