SCO V 3.2 - set IP addr to different addr

Using SCO V 3.2 (old, no X).  I need to change current IP address to another.
(We're finally going internet!).

I'm not sure which files to change or utilities to use. ie netconfig? ifconfig?, change hosts file in /etc?

Your assistance is well appreciated!
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dgrimesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use netconfig command:

Select option 3: reconfigure an element

Select option that points to the NIC you want to change.

Select option 1: sco_tcp SCO TCP/IP for UNIX

Fill in the your new configuration settings.

Relink and reboot ...

Should do the trick
Also, you will have to edit the /etc/hosts table to remove the old IP references. The new references should be there.

I'm sure you probably know, but 3.2 is not Y2K compliant and there are some issues that will be hard to address with 3.2 - like mail, DNS, etc. You really should consider moving to a more recent version of SCO.

However, 3.2 does work!

tryingAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much! The information will prove valuable.

Additionally, someone also suggested that I change the script in /etc/tcp.

As for the y2k thing, right now the cost of such a move would be too great a burden.
You shouldn't have to modify /etc/tcp. The netconfig utility will make all required changes.

Have Fun!!
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