Using SUM(*) with ResultSet

Using the following code works well:

int i = resultSet.findColumn("MY_COLUMN")

However, what do I use if my SQL call contains a:


The first statement no longer locates the column index for MY_COLUMN when I use SUM. How do I find the column for this?

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you can use the prepare statement. that way it will make the execution of the query more effecient .
Connection theConnexion = null ;
PreparedStatement theStatement = null ;
String str_col_name = "MY_COLUMN" ;
theStatement = theConnexion.prepareStatement("SELECT SUM(?) FROM .....");

BergJCAuthor Commented:
The query itself is not what I'm having a problem with. My code above is after the query has already been executed. I have many SQL statements that select different columns. I have only one method that executes these statements and retrieves the data from the resultSet. That's why I need to use the findColumn method. I know all the columns in the table, but I don't know if they were in the SQL call, so I look for them all.

My problem comes when I try to select the SUM of a column. The findColumn method for that column name no longer "finds" it. I need to know how to use findColumn with a SUM...
Hi BergJc,

  In my view, when you are locating the column, the reuslt set is becoming in valid or crosiing the your column. Just post the code and the exceptionStackTrace() you encountered

Best of luck
hi berqjc

try this one

int i= resultSet.findColumn("SUM(MY_COLUMN)");

There are two simple solutions to your problem.


Use an alias for the summed column name so that it is called something useful. An alias is just a name you can superimpose on a column. For example:


[you may need to check exactly how your database specifies an alias name for a column]

Now you can identify the column as

int i = resultSet.findColumn("SUM")

This is the preferred way to handle the problem. You can however also do:


Index into the column directly by using

public int getInt(int columnIndex)
           throws SQLException

Gets the value of a column in the current row as a Java int.


columnIndex - the first column is 1, the second is 2, ...


the column value; if the value is SQL NULL, the result is 0

Not as good a solution as it require you to know which column the value is in, but will still work.

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