Compaq Prolinea 5100 and Disks

I have just picked up a Compaq Prolinea 5100 Pentium 100MHz 16MB. It seems that the only way to make changes in the BIOS is via a program that's actually on the hard disk in a private 4MB partition. I'd really like to upgrade the disk (currently 630MB) to around 1GB or similar (second hand disks are really cheap) but how do you do that with this beast?

Furthermore, does anyone know whether I can stick standard 4MB 30-pin SIMMS to upgrade to 24MB or must I hunt around for second hand Compaq spares?
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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Boot the computer, and press F10, to run that setup utility.

This utility has an option to write the files to two empty diskettes.  Do it.

Then, turn the computer off,
and insert the new hard-drive as "slave", and leave the old hard-drive jumpered as "master".

Then, boot the computer from the first of the diskettes.  Choose the option to rebuild the on-disk partition, onto the "new" hard-drive.

Remove the diskettes, and reboot (from the old hard-drive). Use the usual programs (FDISK, FORMAT, and XCOPY) to prepare the new hard-drive, and to copy all the files.  (Or, if you have your own copy of Partition Magic, use that instead of FDISK/FORMAT/XCOPY.)
You can upgrade the disk, but check out compaq's web site as they will have downloads to recreate that 4MB partition.  As far as the simms go your best bet is to give them a try.
Here is the files you need to download:

As for the memory, only thing you can do is try it, Compaq says only their will work but I know that is false
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You can download a rompaq for the machine that will create the setup and diagnostics disks you need on floppies. This way you can get rid of the maintenance partition and all the headaches it causes.
> can [I] stick standard 4MB 30-pin SIMMS to upgrade to 24MB or must I hunt around for second hand Compaq spares?

Most computers don't care whether the RAM is "branded" or "generic", but I've seen Dell Dimension P100C computers which crashed, unexplicably, until the "brand-name" RAM was used.
The Model Prolinea 5100 (according to the Compaq Manual for
it), uses 72 PIN SIMMS at 70ns either FAST PAGE MODE or EDO.

There are no 30 pin simm slots on this motherboard, according
to the picture in the manual.  

The board will take 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, and 32MB, 72 PIN SIMMS
in MATCHED PAIRS, in either BANK 1, BANK2, and/or Bank 3
up to a maximum of 192 MB.

It states also that 60ns FPM or EDO SIMMS in matched pairs
may be used as an alternatives, but the board design speed
is 70ns for the RAM.

rayt333 is right about any other vendor's ram working, just
keep the specs the same and buy good quality Ram.

If you need further info on this, just post here.
BigRatAuthor Commented:
Well thanks guys that helps a lot, since I don't have a manual I am hunting around in the dark.

I'm giving otta the points here and posting a new question for satwa
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