Flash: playing a "loading" movie

This is about Flash SWF files ...

The opening movie for my website is quite big, and I was wondering if I can
play a very small "loading" movie and switch to the main animation when
downloading finishes.

Does anyone have some info on how to do it ?

The situation is simple, I need to run the first movie in a loop, and load the second *at the same time*.

When finished loading the second movie, it must play.  Piece of cake, right ?

Thanks in advance !

Claudio A. Heckler

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To do this, you need to create a new scene, which is loaded first...
In this new scene, you can use the if frame loaded command....

I'll try to picture it here:

FrameNr   1   2   3   4   5   6   7

Layer1    p1-----------------------

Layer2        s1-----s2------s3----

Layer3        x1 x2  x3  x4  x5  x6

Layer 1 will contain all objects that need to be visible during the entire onload sequence....
Layer 2 will contain objects that depend on the loading progress... Let's say you want to show the following sequence: "Loading images","Loading animation","Loading sound".
You could then put the "Loading" text in layer1, as it will be visible all the time and the other texts ("images"...) in layer2...

Layer 3 is our control layer...
These are all actions that need to be taken in that particular frame:
x1: "If Frame Is Loaded" (next scene frame y1)
         Goto And Play (this scene frame 4)

x2: Goto And Play (this scene frame 2)

This will create the looping part...
We won't reach frame 4 until frame y1 in the next scene has been loaded...

x3: "If Frame Is Loaded" (next scene frame y2)
         Goto And Play (this scene frame 6)

x4: Goto And Play (this scene frame 4)

x5: "If Frame Is Loaded" (next scene frame y3)
         Goto And Play (next scene frame 1)

x6: Goto And Play (this scene frame 6)

If you don't want your main scene to start until it is fully loaded, make sure frame y3 is the number of the last frame of your main scene...

And voila, there you have your loading scene....

I hope this is clear enough... If not, let me know and I'll send you an .fla example...


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ca_hecklerAuthor Commented:
That's a good possibility, but I was wondering if there is a possibility of doing this on the HTML - supposing that I have two *diferent* movies (the "loading" and the actual movie).

For those who want to do it in the movie, may be good to check a very good tutorial at http://www.crazyraven.com/tutorials.htm
(thanks Philipp!)
I don't know this for sure, as I have never done it before, but I know you can load different movies at the same time in different layers... I don't know about visibility and all that though... Check the manual on that... I'm sure I've seen it there... Else there are still the macromedia newsgroups... You can post your question there... That's where the real swf experts are... I'm only in it for the fun...

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