Here is the function

GetProfileString(LPCTSTR lpAppName, LPCTSTR lpKeyName, LPCTSTR lpDefault, LPSTR lpReturnedString, DWORD nSize);

I'm sure you all are familiar with the other one,  

"AfxGetApp()->GetProfileString(LPCTSTR lpAppName, LPCTSTR lpKeyName, LPCTSTR lpDefault);

Well I cant use this one right now,  I need to use the first one.  How do I make it work???  This is what I am doing  ->

char* filetemp;
GetProfileString( "Settings","File","Whatever",filetemp,128);

What am I doing wrong?  It returns NULL everytime.  What am I doing wrong?   PLEASE respond.

I dont have any points left,  only this amount.  :(
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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
char filetemp[128];  // must be a buffer, don't use an uninitialized pointer!
GetProfileString("Settings", "File", "Whatever", filetemp, sizeof(filetemp) / sizeof(char));
Nitro187Author Commented:
Thanks a lot!!!  :D

btw, could you answer that other question I have?  : )
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