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opening files

I wrote a program that uses info from a text file. When I tried to copy and run from the A drive it can't find the text file, so I have to change the code a little. What I was wondering, was if there is a way to code it that will work from the C drive or the A drive. Here's the code for the C drive to be able to find the file.

Open App.Path & "\IntTest.txt" For Input As #2

In order for it to work with the A drive I had to change it to this.

Open App.Path & "IntTest.txt" For Input As #2

Well, any ideas??
1 Solution
Well your code (the one for the C:\ drive) will only work if the App.Path is not the root.
If you're working on your hard drive's root, App.Path will return C:\ (with the slash) and your could would be just te same as with de floppy drive.

I always use a function to avoid problems:

Public Function GetSlashedPath(sPath As String) As String
    If Len(sPath) = 0 Then
        GetSlashedPath = "\"
    ElseIf Mid(sPath, Len(sPath), 1) = "\" Then
        GetSlashedPath = sPath
        GetSlashedPath = sPath & "\"
    End If
End Function

This will always return a path with the trailing slash

The you could call
Open GetSlashedPath(App.Path) & "IntTest.txt" For Input As #2
seeshelleAuthor Commented:
I'll give it a try!! thanks!

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