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Hi all.

First of all, my apologies as I did not know how to frame the question .

My problem is this:

I have a Exe called RR5. It calls a DLL called RRCalc.DLL. RRCalc gets called, and is passed to objects, and when its done it returns an object.

RRCalc changes quite often, and has to be updated. I want to send this update by download, without people having to download the RR5 program as well (RR5 is 5 megabytes).

I am not sure if I can do this through DLL or some other method,
any suggestions would be grateful

Thanks in advance.

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The idea behind dlls is this only.
If you want to have an automatic update checking i.e: the RR5 should find for an updated RRCalc, You alter the RR5 so that it will check some predefined location for updates either periodically or every time you execute RR5. Else as you have already done you can write Java applet which will easily downloads the RRCalc. In this case people should volunterely come to you for an updated RRCalc. You can not force tham. The problem is those who have got the Update will work with it while the others are not. But automatic updare ensures the same version for all.
kaiser18auAuthor Commented:
vasu i
You got me wrong.
RRCalc does some calculations behind the RR5.EXE. It doesn't matter if people dont download the new DLL. Its just calculations, and If people dont download the new DLL, their calculations might be wrong, thats all.

It doesnt even have to be download, we might want to email them the new DLL.

I want to know if its possible to just email the DLL with out the RR5.EXE, because currently if you compile an EXE with a DLL, but you end up using a different version of the DLL that you compiled with the EXE, then an Error occurs

ie Active X could not create object

Does that seem clear?
If you keep the Binary Compatibility of the DLL , then it should
be not problem by just replace the DLL.

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OK. I am thinking that you are using a plain dll, not an ActiveX one. You did't said that you are using an ActiveX dll. Anyway...

By simply porting the new dll you can not execute RR5.EXE, because the new dll should get registered in the OS with previous class name. You need to reinstall the new dll so that it will update the registry with the same class name. There will be no errors. But the Class Name should be exactly the same.

You can change the functionality but the names of the project and functions should be the same.

kaiser18auAuthor Commented:
thanks tt,
i think that will do it.

thanks guys for the input you put in.


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