unusual sized power supply fan..

Posted on 1999-11-10
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Last Modified: 2013-11-10
Any ideas ( aside from searching the web for hours ) on where I can find a 3.5" fan for my ancient power supply?  I've tried just replacing the entire power supply, but it's old and they just don't make AT power supplies this large anymore.. I even tried replacing the entire case, but with no luck.  I'm down to having tore apart the power supply and taken out the fan.

Radio Shack has 3" fans and 4" fans.. but I really need a 3.5" one and the idea of just searching and searching on the web is quite a daunting task when you don't have a working computer at home!

The case was made by a company called Gecco Computers (?) in Arizona, and the fan itself is made by Oriental -- neither of which I can find in the limited searching I've done.

Anyone know of any really good sites to find and buy parts on the web?  And since I've got tons of varying opinions on how hard/dangerous replacing this fan is supposed to be .. any advice on replacing it?

Question by:raincloud

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Here's my advice: Don't. It's much easier to buy a new computer with more features and 24/7 tech support. Or whatever device you didn't specify. A new machiene has an OS with it, a printer, and a monitor, if you use Gateway. I know that this is not the answer you wanted to hear, but it's all I can say.

Plus, a new machiene would have a regular size fan ;-)

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Umm.. no.

I just upgraded my computer from a 486 to a PII-450 with 64 MB of RAM, a 10 gig Hdd, a 1.2 gig backup Hdd, 8 MB video card and even a new 17" monitor for less than $600.

By myself.  

I recycled the case because nothing was wrong with it at the time and the board I had found on sale fit into it perfectly.  Now the bearings in the fan are shot, and I'm just looking for some help on fixing a $5 problem on a system I've already put time and money into.  I was hoping to avoid hours of endless searching for parts if someone knew a site or source where I could find unusually sized fans.

So, thanks so much for the useless advice, but you couldn't PAY me enough to buy anything Gateway, much less wait on the phone for an hour to talk to a clueless tech support shmuck when I can do the repairs myself without much problem.

Anyone else have some real help to offer?

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Buy a new box for your computer, with a new PSU, FAN and everything. It cannot cost much, and old PSU's has a tendency to blow-up and eventually taking the MB to the eternal silicium-fileds..
It would not be funny, writing R.I.P at the front of the case (Rest In Pieces)
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A new 3 inch fan probably moves as much air as your old 3.5 inch fan did, they have gotten better over the years in common with other components, so you could cut a plate out of a tin can with scissors to fit a 3 inch unit in there instead. Some small self tapping screws will hold the plate at the original holes. Then fix the fan how you like, either nuts and bolt, self tappers, machine screws and tapped clips is how I have seen many fitted.


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ID: 2200510
Go To:

They have the very fan that you need.

It is listed under DC FAN (second Fan)

The size listed is 90x90

There are 25.4mm in one inch.

90mm/25.4= 3.543 inches.

They have this size in 5 volt, 12 volt, and 24 volt DC.

The power supply that you have is one of these older
metric power supplies, that uses metric size fans.

If you check inside your power supply, most of these
metric power supply fans ran off the same 12 Volts as
was supplied to the 12 volt components.  Some of them
even had a white socket on the power supply circuit
board that the FAN plugged into for its' 12 volt supply.

If by some rare coincidence your fan will not work on 5, 12, or
24 Volt, post here and I will advise you were to get one with a
different voltage rating.

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I've tried replacing the case already, and it didn't work.  It wouldn't boot up, for whatever reason.. so my only real option is replacing the fan.

That link and info you gave me, satwa, is exactly what I was looking for!  The fan I'm looking to replace is a 12V -- but my only concern is that it asks for pin number - is that the white plastic part that connects to the psu?

Thanks again for the help.. I really appreciate it!

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ID: 2202594
Yes if you open the power supply and look at the connector
you will be able to see if it is a 2 PIN or a 3 PIN  CONNECTOR.

If your fan has 2 wires, the pin number is 2.

If it has 3 wires, then the pin number is 3.

When you get the fan, you may have to splice your old
connector on to the end of the wires, to be able to plug it
into your power supply internally, but this is no problem as
I have done it hundreds of times with diagonal cutting pliers
and a roll of electrical tape.

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