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Converting VB3 to VB6

What is the best way to convert VB3 to VB6?
Are there any tricks/traps I should be aware of?
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No easy way to do that, unfortunately.

Any custom controls(VBX) placed on the VB3 forms will not work with VB6. If your forms have a simple GUI, it may be easier.

2 options:
1. Save all the forms/modules of your vb3 app as text files (VB3 saves them as binary files), create a new vb6 empty project, and add these text files to the project. If you do not have any special controls, it should work quite smoothly. You may need to add some references to your vb6 project (DAO or something..).
2. I've heard this works, but I've never tried it: Run the vb3 project with VB4 16bit and save it as a VB4 project. Next, load the project using VB4 32bit(vb4 16 and 32 bit are the same package). This will convert the application and MOST of the controls (except 3rd party controls that do not come with vb) to 32 bit. After that, you can load the project with VB6 without problems.

As you see, the second method looks better, but since I never tried it, I can't tell you for sure.
pinkoAuthor Commented:
I didn't actually have any forms in the VB3 version.
I have very little VB experience, but have been programming in VBA for a while.
I imported all the code and I've had to put it on a form in VB6, whereas there was no form in VB3?
Anyway, I just set up the startup form to make  call to the main() function, which was what the VB3 version did.
But I got a prob: it doesn't seem to recognise the opendatabase(filename)?

Says Sub or function not defined.

Any tips????
pinkoAuthor Commented:
I'll see if I can find a copy of vb4, but in the meantime, you can have the points.

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