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IP Aliases

If I'm running several virtual domains on my RHLinux6.0 machine, do I have to set up IP Aliases for my eth0?  I'm running 3 virtual web servers, a virtual ftp server, 3 virtual mail servers, and a main dns server.  I'm able to run the virtual web servers with one IP address with no problem (my ISP IP address) using NameVirtualHost. I'm simply using the same IP address for every host name for every domain in my dns files.  I'm also simply using the same IP address in my reverse mapping file in my dns for every host. I'm having problems getting my virtual mail servers to accept e-mail for a user.  I can send mail fine using netscape in Linux, but when sending e-mail to Linux from a remote location, it's rejecting the e-mail.  I'm just wondering if the reason for this is because I need to setup several IP aliases for my eth0 (for each virtual host).  Depending on the answer I get, I can start asking more specific questions to troubleshoot my problems.  Thanks.
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No, you don't have to set up ip-aliases.

For email, in your dns setup, make sure that your MX for each domain is correct, and if you're using sendmail, make sure that each domain (and each subdomain) is listed in /etc/sendmail.cw
GorGor1Author Commented:
Ok thanks, I'll post another Question later with my specific mail problems I'm having  :o)

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