PS 5.5 freeze on Win NT 4.0 SP 5

PS 5.02 works with the following:

PIII 500, 128 MB RAM, 14.4 GB HD, Diamond Viper V770 AGP 32 MB RAM, Adaptec 2940 SCSI connected to Umax Astra 1220S scanner, Internal Zip, Internal HP-CD-RW 8200I, Creative Labs 32x CD ROM, Realtek 8029 NIC, Turtle Beach Montego II 320 voice sound card, HP Colorado T3000 tape drive, US Robotics 56K Winmodem.

PS 5.5 freezes consistently after doing the following steps:

1. Open multilayered PSD file
2. Move a layer.
3. Close file without saving, PS still running.
4. Reopen file and move same layer. Freeze occurs during move.

I've tried everything in, short of reformatting and reinstalling only Win NT and PS or reseating cards and memory. The fact that 5.02 works flawlessly but 5.5 doesn't leads me to believe it's a software related conflict. PS 5.5 also works on a PII 400, 128 MB RAM, 3com EtherLink III NIC and Diamond 1000 Fire GL 4 MB video without any problems.

Any thoughts and/or possible solutions as to why this might be happening?
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KimdaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try fiddling with these :

NT swap file size..
"plugins & Scratch disks" preferences in Pshop
"memory and image cache" preferences in pshop

Win NT is not suitable for Photoshop 5.02. Why not try using Win98 or win95.
davevAuthor Commented:
5.02 runs fine under NT. I only have it on the system now because 5.5 freezes so much and I have to reset the system. I'm seriously thinking of redoing the system from scratch and seeing if a clean NT/PS 5.5 system works.
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1. I think your cd installation is corrupted. It's look like ok after install and use it. But in the certain area and fucntion are error. Maybe you need to buy the new one.
How big is this file? Adobe recommends MINIMUM 96 megs of ram. See, PS, and I'm sure especially with 5.5, is a huge ram hog, and even after you close it, it doesn't like to give it back. What maybe happening here is, if you're opening a large file (in 5.0, you need at least 4 TIMES the amount of ram as the size of the image is to function nominally), you're using up a lot of the ram. Even when you shut it down, because PS is still open, that image, although not active, still has info sitting in the ram. Then, by opening it again, it's like doubling the image. So, either the image is corrupted (PS can't properly distinguish the active image from the image you closed down), or it's so huge, that it overflows the cache. If you really insist on doing the above (opening it, moving a layer, then closing it w/o saving), Then I suggest you shut down PS after that too, then start it up again to reopen the file. Either that, or save a copy of the file, so it will see two different files. Then you can close the image, and reopen and move it (assuming it's the corruption I mentioned earlier).
Make sure you keep an eye on this question. This guy deletes questions to avoid spending the points.

See Q.10233855 for an example.  .

..B ekiM
davevAuthor Commented:

I have no problems spending points, so get off your high horse and give me a break. I have enough points that spending them is not a concern for me as long as I get an answer the ACTUALLY ANSWERS THE &*%&^%$%#$ QUESTION!!! FYI, Kimda got the points for the question even though the suggestions did not, repeat DID NOT, solve the problem. The question you gave as an example of me deleting questions was not, repeat WAS NOT, answered to my satisfaction and I ended up finding the answer to it myself through trial and error quite some time later. As for this question, it was not, repeat WAS NOT, answered to my satisfaction and since I now have redone my system with Win 98 where PS 5.5 works fine, this question will also be closed because there is no point in answering it anymore because it applied to Windows NT and I'm no longer running NT. So for the sake of keeping unanswered questions to a minimum to give you so called experts a chance to answer something you actually can, this issue will be closed with the last proposed answer. As for what you think about this, I really don't care. You know where to go and how to get there. Thank you for your time and for all of those people who tried to answer it, I appreciate the effort.
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