Converting UNIX time to TDateTime/String


I need a function to convert UNIX time to the equivalent TDateTime or string.


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Hi Robert,

I assume you already have the UNIX time somehow retrieved and need to convert it now. In which format does the UNIX time appear?

Ciao, Mike
RLancasterAuthor Commented:
It is an signed long indiciating the number of seconds since 01/01/1970 at 00:00h.

I need to convert this to TDateTime.
A yes, I rember. Well, here's the solution:

function UnixTimeToDateTime(const UnixTime: Integer): TDateTime;

  FileTime: TFileTime;
  SystemTime: TSystemTime;
  I: Int64;
  // first convert unix time to a Win32 file time
  I := Int64(UnixTime) * Int64(10000000) + 116444736000000000;
  FileTime.dwLowDateTime := DWORD(I);
  FileTime.dwHighDateTime := I shr 32;

  // now convert to system time
  FileTimeToSystemTime(FileTime, SystemTime);

  // and finally convert the system time to TDateTime
  Result := SystemTimeToDateTime(SystemTime);

Ciao, Mike

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RLancasterAuthor Commented:
An extra 50 points bonus for a prompt and most interestingly coded responses I have ever seen !!!

Well done !!!
Thank you :-) And the solution is very easy to understand. Unix time is the seconds from 1/1/1970 as you already wrote. Win32 file time is 100 nanoseconds from 1/1/1601. So multiplication by 10000000 converts the seconds into 100 nanoseconds units and 116444736000000000 is a constant offset (also in 100 ns units) from 1601 to 1970.

The rest is just a bit time format conversion.

Ciao, Mike
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