Assigning many .coms to a single hosted space.


how can I put assign many to a single web site (which is provided by a web hosting services)?

Who has to do what?
Bascially, I am asking this because my domain manager only provides me a place a assign an IP to my .com address.
This is fine but since I do not have my own Internet IP address nor my leased lines, I can only point to a hosted space.

I am asking this here since the Internet is very much a Unix evolution.
Please educate me in technical terms.

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the responsible DNS server for the IP (your single web site) simply needs to be setup for these domains, means that it must have DNS' SOA record.
First, if this is a hosted system, and you don't already have your own DNS, the hosting site should take care of all this stuff.  You shouldn't have to do anything but tell them the domain you registerred.  In fact, most hosting companies will deal with the domain registration for you too since you need to know the IP address of the hosting company's primary DNS server to register the domain.

That said, the way this typically works is that the hosting company creates a "pseudo interface" for your domain that has its own IP address out of their IP space and on one of their servers.  After that, they put the appropriate records in the appropriate places in the DNS.  As ahoffmann pointedout, this always involves an SOA record to define the domain.  It should also include A and PTR records to point to "your" IP address.

Some sites don't use "pseudo interfaces" but instead have everyone share a single IP address.  In this case, the DNS would contain SOA and CNAME records.
thiamwahAuthor Commented:
assuming that I have the web hosting admin rights, how do I do this???

Please point me to Internet resources that I can learn how to do this?
IS all this under DNS topic?

Thanks a million..

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chris_calabrese , does CNAME work for domain names too, though it can only be used for hostnames within the same domain.

> Please point me to Internet resources that I can learn how to do this?
Not internet, simply do: man named
You can use services of rerouting copany:
deposing your domain name, this sprcial provider receive calls for you and reroute them to the true web site.

a french rerouter is:

part of result of a whois

   Billing Contact:
      Uzun, Dominique  (DU446)  billing@LERELAISINTERNET.COM
      33 3 20 66 55 55 (FAX) 33 3 20 66 55 59

   Record last updated on 14-Dec-1998.
   Record created on 14-Dec-1998.
   Database last updated on 11-Nov-1999 12:24:00 EST.

   Domain servers in listed order:


If you don't want to use it, You must check for a rerouter in your country.

ahoffman, you're right that this only works for hosts, not domains.  You need an SOA for the domain, but then what's inside the domain would be something like


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hmm, no.
There are only A and PTR records no CNAME (see your own comment, chris)
Just the name for these virtual domains differ from the name in the zone file (SOA) for the physical one.
The IP is the in all files is the same.
I'm confused now.  The SOA defines the domain.  But, something has to be defined as being inside the domain.  Those things have to be A's or CNAME's (the PTR's are in the domain's which we're not concerned with here.
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