Have to transfer large amounts of data across the country everyday until y2k.
What's the most economical way to do this? Need good advice fast. Thanx..
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I think we need some more information here.
Have you got a WAN ?
Have you got internet access ?
Have you got e-mail ?
How large is the data ?
Is it all in one lump or is it to be transfered through out the day ?

Fed-Ex on tape is one possibility !
Tranfering data; you can do this electronic or not electonic:

I suppose you have access to the internet. The fastest way as far as I know to give other people (restricted by password if you like) the possibility to download large amounts of data is an ftp-server. You'll need somebody to set this up for you, or start trying finding info on the internet. This is a widely accepted and fast (not much overhead) way.

not electronic:
In my surroundings two media are quite general accepted: cd's and zip's (from: zipdrive). Writable ceedee by mail does work pretty well.

Only until the y2k? because you expect something.....:-)

Good luck,


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