write permission dos-partition

Doea somebody know how I can get Write-permission for my dos partition? I can read from, but even as root, I cannot write to it. (I use SuSE 6.1 and Win95)
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Take a look at your /etc/fstab
This is the file which mounts all your filesystems at boot time.  All you have to do, is change the options to allow you to write to that paritition.
Maybe something like this:
/dev/hda1      /win95      msdos      defaults      1 1
(assuming that /dev/hda1 is your win95 partition)
thoframAuthor Commented:
I tried what pogga wrote, but it only works for root, not for users...
Then try this:
/dev/hda1 /win95 msdos user,exec,dev,suid,ro,noauto 0 0

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For simplicity,I log in as root, start up mc (Midnight Commander) in xterm or text console. Highlight /dosc or whatever you've called it. Press F9, then F, Then O. Scroll onto your name, tab to the next window, scroll onto users or whatever group you are in, then tab to set and press enter. Open up the tree and repeat as necessary.
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