Printer Driver required urgently

I need a Windows 95 printer driver for a HP2563B.
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ggs54Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have a 2563B (and a 2562C).  These printers are high speed line printers with limited pitch capability.  Drivers for the PC appear to be non-existent.  Here's the good news.  HP uses the same control codes in these line printers that are used in their laserjet printers.  Keep in mind that your 2563B is VERY limited.  The standard pitches included with the printer are 10 and 15.  With additional firmware installed, which I don't know whether you have or not, both 12 and 17 pitch are available.  Both of my printers have all four pitches installed.  When you print the self-test on the printer, all available pitches are printed including a couple of enhancements e.g. "double size" and "bold".
Go to the Add Printer section in Win 95 and select the most "vanilla" HP laser listed.  I think it's simply called Laserjet. This should work fine for the installed pitches in your printer.  Again, don't try and get fancy because your printer was built for speed, not appearance.
Good luck.
Go to There, you will find the driver you need.
Need more info than "HP2563".  For instance, is it a LaserJet or InkJet or dotmatrix or a plotter of some kind or what?  Give the full model name if you can.
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I believe that that printer is the origional HP DeskJet printer.  If so, the driver is available under windows 95, just install it.
CoolerAuthor Commented:
It is an old HP dot matrix
Does the printer support any emulation modes, such as Epson? If so, there may be an applicable driver shipped with Windows which will do the trick.
Maybe my little experience searching printer drivers can help you...
We are installing new printers on our systems (HP200C) and we had problems with the driver. We contacted with HP for a new driver. Then, a HP technician in Holland send us a new beta driver for that printer.
They have every HP printer driver stored there, but not all these drivers appear in their home page.
Ask me if you want an e-mail address to contact that HP technician and try to ask him for your driver.
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