Gnome and XF86 problems

I've got RedHat 6.0 running on my Compaq Armada 7400 laptop (runs great by the way). I thought I finally found the right X server for my LCD screen.

1) Any idea why I'm getting junk when I run Gnome? I can vaguely see windows but can barely read any text. Is it just the wrong X server?

2) Because I couldn't see what I was doing the first time I ran Gnome, I accidentally set X Windows to run every time I start Linux. Anyone know how to turn this off? How do I startup without X starting? (it's going to be difficult to edit any files in X when I can't see what I'm doing!)

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I'm assuming you are using lilo.
At the lilo prompt, type:  linux single.
This will take you to single user mode.
Edit the file /etc/inittab.
Change the line with default runlevel. Replace the 5 by 3.
This will let you work from the command prompt.
What X server are you using, and what video card are you selecting when configging X?
Replacing the default runlevel 5 with a 3 may not do it.  Some setup programs add xdm support (xdm causes X to load when you start Linux) to runlevel 3.  If you find your default runlevel is already 3 or you change it to 3 and it still loads X, go into /etc/rc3.d and move S99xdm to your home directory or delete it completely.  If you move it to your home directory, it will be easy to put it back if you decide you like the xdm login screen.  

As for your server, I'm with drittich; we can't help you until we at least know what card you told the setup program you have.  

Does X work okay when you're not using Gnome?
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Redhat 6.0 uses runlevel 3 for textmode. I used it till a couple of days back (I upgraded to 6.1).
On the video card, I'm with drittich. Please give a lot more details.
you can try other desktop managers by running the command 'switchdesk'. or you may edit the /etc/inittab and replace id:5:initdefault: with id:3:initdefault: it always work with redhat 6.0.

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troAuthor Commented:
Changing the 5 to a 3 worked. Thanks to DVB and bernardh. Since I can't figure out a way to award the points to DVB, bernardh gets 'em.
There is a accept comment as answer option available.
Otherwise you could have asked me to put up an answer after rejecting the given answer.
I don't mind bernardh getting the points, but these are two possible methods of giving answers to the right person.
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