i am building a new system for games and i have decided on all parts needed but a graphics what i need is some advice or a couple of good web sites that have compare and contrast of different cards

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What is your price range?
Need TV Out?
How fast is your system?
Do you want good image quality or the most speed possible?

Answer those and I'll try to find you a good contender..

You might also want to check out, they usually have some good reviews.

Oh yeah, don't worry too much about your budget, you don't need $250 to get a good video card. Actually, you can even get a video card that is a worthy contender (in the low end market) for around $30 with TV out, AGP and 8MB of memory (the chip and memory are at 100MHz), that's just something to bear in mind if you're totally broke.
gloggAuthor Commented:
Well then, you are in store for some serious 3D/2D.. For $200 you can buy one of the faster parts on the market..  If you want really good image quality and good speed I would recommend either a Savage 2000 (when it comes out in like two weeks) or a Geforce256, I'll try to find some prices on those particualr chips/card and I'll get back to you later on today (hopefully).  Try to find reviews of them on

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gloggAuthor Commented:
the web page was great thanks
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