Scan Slides Umax Astra 1220U

I need to scan slides on my flatbed Umax Astra 1220U, which includes Vista Scan as the software.
It apparently needs a transparency adapter to do this.  Vista Scan grays out the Slide button.
I have tried using an available HP ScanJet Slide Adapter, which is a triangular plastic  thing with reflectors in it, into which you insert the slide.  It does not produce an image that is readable by the scanner.
I tried contacting the Umax web site, but email to them keeps bouncing back.

So how can I get to scan slides, please?  Thanks.
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I have some good news and some bad news for you. First the good news. The unit you need is a UTA-3A UMAX Transparency adapter. The bad news is that the adapter costs more than the scanner. Here are three web vendors who sell it:

Computers4SURE   TRANSPARENCY ADAPTER USED WITH-ASTRA 1220 SERIES SCANNER UTA-3A   $171.99   Transparency Adapter Used With Astra 1220 Series Scanner UTA-3A; Umax Technologies INC (Scanners)   $176.99  

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jajrAuthor Commented:
No other alternative, eh?
Not for the UMAX scanner.

Microtek makes a line of consumer scanners some of which come with a slide/transparancy adapter. If I remember correctly the product identifier starts with X6. The scanner plus adapter from Microtek often sells for less than the UMAX adapter. The Microtek does a very decent job of scanning too. If you are in the US and are near a Best Buy, check it out there. Best Buy has the best price on the Microtek that I have seen.
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