Sound editing

I want to put some sound on my site.
 I have a Mac G3 and have found many of the proograms are PC only.
I need to record samples of tracks off a CD not entire tracks into either wav format or MP3 as I am going to integrate it with Flash.
Any suggestions?
What about Soundedit16?
Regards Jason
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Is RealJukebox a PC only program? If it is not, you might want to try that, but I'm not very sure, sorry.
JASONWALLISAuthor Commented:
hmmm, I'll check and get back to you

SoundEdit 16 is a good program.  I normally use SoundForge on my PC, but when I am developing on the Mac platform, I use SoundEdit.  Very easy to use, especially if you have used a sound editing program before.  The only problem i've had with SoundEdit is opening some .wav files.  I've needed to use QuickTime to convert the files (i forget to what, it was another .wav version or something, i can check if you need), then SoundEdit had no problems with them.

68030 processor or faster, including PowerBook, AV, and Power Macintosh native  
System 7.1 or higher  
Hard drive with 15 MB free disk space  
16-bit sound input hardware required to record 16-bit sound  
Apple Sound Manager 3.1, AppleScript 1.1, and QuickTime 2.1 (all three included)
13" monitor or larger  

good luck!

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Have you tried Media Cleaner Pro? It works for PC and MAC and supports most media files. You´ll find a demo at
Hope is what you wanted
Hi Jason!

What you essentially need is:

> A shareware program called "SoundEffects" - a simple and very inexpensive sound recording and editing application. With SE, you can easily record sound from a CD.

> SoundApp - a piece of software that allows you to playback and convert a multitude of sound formats, including mp3, wav, aiff, au etc.

> Toast Audio Extractor is a good tool to rip entire tracks off a CD. It will give you better quality than Sound Effects.

Sound APP, as well as a plethora of other audio applications for the Macintosh, can be found at:

Hope that this helps!

Best regards,

//P. Almqvist

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I think Jason no longer cares...but why use three programs when one does the trick?
JASONWALLISAuthor Commented:
No, I do care and i'm trying them all out to get the best possible one.
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