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I lost my had disk, have now replaced, but having a problem loading Windows 98.  The old drive came with the OEM W-95, was upgraded to W-98, and then to second edition W-98.  My 98 Startup disk is working as is the CD, but I can't seem to get the CD to load the 95 or 98 programs.

What do I need to do?
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azamiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just wanted to throw in an "answer" to get the points for my comments. :-)
You might need to explain the error a little better. Does the installation start but not finish, error message, etc...
RayLagAuthor Commented:
The installation CD does not start.  I'm at a loss to know why not, since the system boots with the startup diskette.
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It's probably AutoRun. If AutoRun is disabled, a CD does not autmatically start. Also, most computers are unable to boot from a CD. Under "My Computer," right click your CD-ROM drive and click AutoPlay under the menu. It will do the same thing as if the CD was working correctly... If it still fails, ajust your resolution and colors to 800x600-256 colors.
Let me know if this helps.

Just a thought:  Win95 OEM can only be installed onto a clean (freshly formatted or unformatted) disk - no OS or data allowed.  It may not even allow the disk to be formatted, I don't remember for sure.  

If your Win98's are upgrades, they can only be installed over an existing windows.

If this is the case, you need to clean off your disk (well, one partition - and maybe the MBR, I don't recall) completely and unformat it (deleting and re-creating the partition accomplishes this).  Then, install 95 in the clean partition, and then install the upgrades.  

What a pain.  This is something that irks me considerably about the OEM versions of Windows - it's even worse if (like me) you run multiple OSes, then need to reinstall your OEM Windows system!

Hope this helps!
If I understood right, there isn't any Windows on your computer/hard drive now, and when you try to install it, you cann't find CD drive in DOS?
RayLagAuthor Commented:
That is correct, I have transferred System from start up disk to C.  But don't know what to do from this point on.

I have original W-95 OEM that came with computer.  The old hard disk crashed, and I have replaced it.  Now trying to load 95 so I can go thru the up-grading process to W-98.

This is an older computer running a P-90, that I am trying to get running to give to a High School student, who can't afford a computer.  

Any and all help is appreciated.

Sounds like a CD-ROM driver issue, very common in the P-90 days.

Do you have the original DOS boot diskette that (probably) came with the computer?  Generally, such a system came with a boot diskette, which you could use to boot the machine up, format the disk if necessary, and install Windows from the CD.

If you don't, you should make one.  You'll need to start with a simple DOS boot disk, then make sure you have necessary basic DOS utilities like FDISK and EDIT, then make sure you have a DOS driver for the CD-ROM drive (you should be able to get it from the manufacturer's web site) and set up CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT to load and configure the driver.  If you've got it right, you can boot from the diskette, put a CD in the drive, then use DOS commands to navigate to the CD and look in its directory structure.

To install Win95, boot from the floppy, then insert the OEM CD in the drive and switch to it.  Probably at the root level on the CD there will be a SETUP.EXE program you can run (no need to hand-copy anything to the hard drive) - if it's not there, poke around in subdirs to find it.

Once you run SETUP.EXE, it should collect some basic info from you, possibly format or scan the disk, copy a bunch of temporary files, then tell you to remove the diskette and reboot.  This time around, it'll boot off the hard drive into the Windows setup program where it will walk you through configuring your system.

Does that answer your question?
RayLagAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all especially azami, I'm up an running - finally got the OEM 95 installed, then added 98 and 98 second addition.

This is a great feeling for a novice like me to be able to get your kind help.

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