COM address conflict

When I boot my computer I get a 3f8h Com address conflict.
I have to press F1 key to continue to the boot process.

How do I resolve this conflict?

The computer is AT&T and I have added 56kflex Zoom modem.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
The Modem could be hard-wired/jumpered to use a specific IRQ/Com port/Address assignment via Jumper, and your BIOS may be set to PNP OS Yes, and duplicate com port assignments results.  Did you receive any documentaiton to verify info on this modem as to what default settings are, etc?

Have you checked those possibilities?  When your system first boots, you can pause to read details and how to access your BIOS to check settings.

This also may apply, unclear about your specific modem model info....
 Windows 95 Updated Modem .inf Files Readme.txt File

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Modem troubleshooting link helps, though Windows 98 geared, not much different in 95 as I recall.  I've also found that when booting in SAFE MODE, duplicate and erroneous com port assignments are reflected in device manager, not shown in normal mode.  At any rate, were that the case, I'd remove ALL occurrences or duplicate and/or erroneous assignments.

your modem is using a com port your bios is set to comfigure.
disable the 3f8h Com address in bios, it will not effect your modem


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