For satwa - RAM in Prolinea 5100

I'll take the cover off the machine again (it's not my internet machine) and re-check the RAM. It has currently two banks filled out from three and reports 16MB when started. Each bank has two SIMMs in it, so I assume they are 4MB SIMMs.
   So, can I actually put in the third bank SIMMS of larger capacity, say 16MB so as to double the memory.

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According to the Prolinea 5100 Manual you can, as long as they
are a MATCHED PAIR and have the same timing as the other
simms(70ns or 60ns), and the same specifications as the
other simms FAST PAGE MODE OR EDO.

If the simms that are now installed are FAST PAGE MODE
SIMMS at 70ns then the matched pair that you add in the
third bank must also be FAST PAGE MODE 70ns.

If the simms that are now installed are EDO simms at 70ns
then the matched pair must also be EDO and 70ns.

According to this manual, you cannot mix FAST PAGE MODE
and EDO on this motherboard, and the matched pairs must
also both be 4MB each or 8MB each or 16MB each or 32MB

As long as you follow the above correctly, you can use any
vendor's ram if it is good quality and does not have read
write errors.

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