Call Apple Scripts in CodeWarrior IDE 3.2

I am developing an application in CW IDE 3.2.  I want to execute an Apple Script from this CW application which is written using the PowerPlant feature.  When I try to use the calls like OSACompile or any other OSA functions from within my application, it gives me a linker error not able to identify object code for the OSA functions.  What could be the problem??  I have included the OSA header.  Is there any other file I have to include before linking??
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Is this a PPC project or a 68K project?

Did you try including AppleScriptLib in your project?  (::Metrowerks CodeWarrior:MacOS Support:Universal:Libraries:StubLibraries: )?

AnubaAuthor Commented:
Its a PPC project.  And I resolved the OSA calls problem by including AppleScriptLib. Thank u! But Bob, I think I better develop the interface using AppleScript and FaceSpan, its much simpler and a RAD tool.  

Here I have managed to call the IPLab  Script from my Apple Script but what do I do about passing parameters from applescript to IPLab script.  
Afraid someone else will have to help you with IPLab.  I don't know anything about the application.

You can investigate the IPLab scripting vocabulary by opening the application as a dictionary from the ScriptEditor (:Apple Extras:AppleScript:).  

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AnubaAuthor Commented:
This last answer is not for which I have posted my rating but for all the help that Bob provided me with earlier.

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