SoundBlaster Live Value under NT 5

I can't install my SoundBlaster Live! Value under NT 5. It just won't take the drivers from the installation CD.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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netmageConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since there are no official cd's with win2000 or NT5 drivers released yet you can only use beta drivers.

In release candidate 1 and 2 of win2k the sblive is supported by Microsoft in a very limited form.

The name of the driver is "Creative SB Live! basic (wdm)".

Thats currently the only support available.

I'll post this as an answer but if you can supply my with the Build number of your win2k aka Nt5, there may be away to fudge liveware 3 onto your system although the build of win2000 must be 2150 or above.
Its been unsuccessful for my self as i have build 2128.

and it works fine for me too under build 2031 (beta 3)
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