OCX Dependancy #3

It happened again! VB5's setup wizard reports that "COMCTL32.OCX is out of date".  (See my questions of 6/25 and 7/22, OCX Dependancy, and OCX Dependancy #2.

Please: How does this happen?  Can it be prevented from happening?  I need a clear description of exactly what direction this dependancy goes in.  i.e: What is doing the depending on what?

I'll await a reply to this before heaving a big sigh, and going through the firey hoops again of downloading the correct version.

How can I tell what the correct version is?  -- Norm
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Perhaps you have already read this:

"A version of COMCTL32.OCX later than 5.00.3714 was installed and registered on the system, but the dependency file COMCTL32.DEP was not updated."

A version of COMCTL32.OCX later than 5.00.3714 was installed and registered on the system, but the dependency file COMCTL32.DEP was not updated.

This can occur if a newer COMCTL32.OCX was installed when you visited a Web site. When a user navigates to a Web site that uses an ActiveX control, such as COMCTL32.OCX, Internet Explorer checks to see if the current version installed on the system is newer, older, or the same version as the one being used by the Web site. If the version currently installed on the system is older, Internet Explorer replaces the control with the newer version. When this occurs, the dependency files for that control are not updated and the message described above will occur when you run the Application Setup Wizard.

To fix it download the newer version at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q172/8/88.asp

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posnormAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
Please comment:
1. I can expect this to happen now and then. Correct?
2. Why does IE not update the dependancy file too, while it is at it?
3. Can I prevent IE from doing this? Or is it essential, and should be left to do this as it desires to?
4. There should be way to alert me that this has happened. Is there?
Many thanks again. -- Norm
sorry i really dont know
sorry i really dont know
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