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I have use more than one image conversion tool that I have downloaded from the web. The kind that is supposed to convert jpg to gif and vice versa. After I used the tools converting jpg's to gif's I tried to upload them to hosting servers that only accept gif images. Yet the host would not accept the pictures saying that my images were still jpg's. What gives with these image converters if they aren't really converting the images?
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You may have saved tham as jpg's but given them .gif extensions...

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Try downloading and using paintshop pro, here's version 4.1 for win 95 or NT
It is excellent for image conversion, has batch options and has many more features to give you more control over the image.


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mttnAuthor Commented:
Yes, I see now that is what happened.
The pictures were jpg when I saved them  and all those image converters did was to add a gif extension, not truly convert the actual picture to a gif image.
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