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Expression Evaluation code & Algorithm

Dear Experts,
   Can u please tell me where
can I find the code for
( 1) Parsing a expression string
(2) evaluating the expression

I think I may get it in many data
structures book but I don't have
many of them with me now.

Can I find it on internet.

What I know is that I can
parse the string, make a binary tree
and evaluate that.

I can write the code but I am sure
it will be available free of cost
on internet.

Does C/C++ library give support for that ?
Can I find it in Linux Source code ?

Ex of Expression :
"(a<3) OR (( b> 4) AND ( c != 5 ) )"

If some of u have the code , can
you give it to me.

Thanks in Advance.
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1 Solution
basantAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
See eval function:
I think, it is that you want.
basantAuthor Commented:
Thanks Alex for giving me such
a good web site reference but
my problem is bit different.

This algorithm works good if you
want to evaluate a expression once.
But I want to evaluate an expression
n No Of Times depends on Variable
Names. My Expression consist of
variable names and constant integers
and strings.
(a == 5) AND (( b == "Hello") OR ( c == 10.4)

I want to evaluate the expression based on different values of a,b and c.
For this to work I had to make a tree
 representing the expression and then
evaluate it using traversal.

Even then your code will give me a lot of help to start with.

Thanks Any way.

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You can easy add this ability to eval:
simple before eval you must check
you expression, find names (i use for this delimeters: if something between delimeters is not '(' or is not operation  , it is name), count value of names,
replace in expression names to values, and use eval after that.
basantAuthor Commented:
Give me some time to
evaluate your answer.

I have a simple parser, parsing logical expressions...If you want it just let me know!
basantAuthor Commented:
Please give me your parser program.
I can start with that. It also
give me basic idea too.
I will wait for it.

Sorry if I have kept you waiting! How shall I send it to you?
basantAuthor Commented:
Sorry I completed that part of
the project. But even though I
would like to see it.
Can you mail it in form of
ZIP file.

Also I don't know whom to give
point for this question.
I can mail it to you, only problem I do not have your e-mail address. I do not need any points.
basantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for ur kindness.
Sorry I forgot to write my
e-mail address.
my e-mail id is
basantAuthor Commented:
Though your code was applicable for
constants but even though it was a good

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