Logging in problem

Recently i have problem with my modem of logging into some site ...especially to hotmail (i might say impossible)
My modem become very slow in send and receiving ...
When i tried using my friends 56k modem, it seems to come to a stand still ...

When i tried a few solution and found that the cause is my modem ... the ATI2 for my modem got an error when i do a auto detect for the modem driver ...

How do i correct this error as my modem was working perfectly few month ago ?

I'm currently using a 33.6k Discovery Fax Modem ... The model is quite old and not stated on the modem ...

Plese help !!
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tlikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Remove your modem, then reinstall and use "Standard 336000" driver.
What operating system are you using?  Windows 95, or MAC-OS or what?

If Win95/98 then make sure all settings are correct for your modem.  Go to control panel and double-click on modems.  You can see various settings, make sure they are correct.  (On Win98 there's a diagnostics tab you can use to test settings...it might be there on Win95 but I can't remember for sure.)

Also, you can double-click on My Computer icon and check the Dial-Up Networking settings.  If there's more than one icon in there then you should make sure your network software (e.g. - Internet Explorer) is using the correct one.  In fact, you can connect by double-clicking one of the icons in there - then, after establishing connection, launch your browser or email application...it should use the connection you've already made.

Best of luck to you!
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