Web Accelerators and Registry Files

I have tried multiple web accelerators, such as NetSonic, and others, to really no avail. What I would like to know is how to make sure that my system, and registry files are all back to normal settings after using these software accelerators. And what those settings should be? Using Windows 98 SE.
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thereceiverAuthor Commented:
OS is Windows 98SE.
thereceiverAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
those web accelerators don't werk.
go to run, type in regedit.
drop down edit.
type in netsonic etc, and when the key comes up, drop down edit again and click on delete. that will bounce those programs for good.
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thereceiverAuthor Commented:
kjanx's , sorry but I knew that much on my own, I really would like a more detailed answer, especially concerning the settings that were the original settings in Windows 98,if there is one?
Give this a try, it should resolve this for you as well as enable you do repeat the process in the future. Remember, though, that much of this depends upon the sophistication of the software being installed and the extent of the registry changes made.

1. Right click on the Start button and click open. Now maneuver to the program section where the icons are for the program components. Right click on them and click properties. Note the location or target of where the programs are and write them down.

2. Use Add/Remove Programs or the programs uninstaller to remove the programs. Most uninstallers leave residual files behind, including some that may be shared. Err on the side of safety and retain what may be a shared file if a notice window pops up.

3. Once the programs have been uninstalled, open windows explorer and remove the subdirectories where the files were located. Do not empty the recycle bin yet!

4. Now open regedit and search for the target files noted above. Using KJ's comment above, click edit and search for netsonic. Export the keys and save them to a temp folder, then remove the registry keys.

5. Now boot the system to a command prompt by tapping the F8 key right after the memory post. At the "C" prompt, change directories to \Windows\Command.

At the command prompt, type:


This will cause Win98 to scan the registry and repair it as necessary. When this is done, reboot into windows.

6. When in windows, click Start, Run and type in:


The system file checker will come up. Click the settings button and choose to search for corrupt and changed files. If any files are found corrupt, restore them from your Win98 CD. If changed files are found, note which is the latest version and either update the info or restore the later file.

When SFC is done, reboot. Now your system should be back to normal.


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thereceiverAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the detailed info that will help greatly, for know I have to try to remember what software, I have tried recently to try and speed up my connection transfer. Thanks again.
You're quite welcome!
thereceiverAuthor Commented:
Your fix worked very well, thanks. When I have enough points I have another question for a Windows Expert such as yourself. Thanks Again,Bob.
Whenever you're ready Bob!
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