MPEG editor

I'm looking for a program that can cut a large MPEG 1 file into several smaller MPEGs.  It doesn't need to handle any encoding itself, that is handled by another progam/hardware

Any sugestions?

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TheRedGuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You know there is a facility to accept a comment as an answer.......

Anyway, happy editing and happy pirating (again, if you're that way inclined.....)
Adobe Premiere (v5.0) !!! Dividing the sections of an MPEG movie to several smaller MPEGS will be the easiest thing if you use this software. Don't know how to do the cutting ?? I'll explain it to you !! but get the software first !!!
syzygyAuthor Commented:
Premiere doesn't export to mpeg, it needs a plug-in to do that.  By the time I purchase both premiere and a MPEG 1 exporter I'll have spet thousands on a full video editing studio... I'm looking for something a lot simpler.

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well, as far as I can see, premiere and the MPEG plug-in is the simplest solution so far.
or you can cut the larger MPEG in premiere first, export the smaller parts as AVIs, then download a MPEG encoder from the net.
try that
syzygyAuthor Commented:
I'm after a program that can split the MPEG without re-coding the entire thing.  It doesn't have to be super accurate, It can cut to the nearest Index frame.
Use IFilmEdit. That'll do the job. Get it at WWW.ZD-Net.COM. It has a fifteen day trial period but is easy to get around if you're that way inclined....
syzygyAuthor Commented:
Thats what I was looking for, a basic MPEG editor.  Post an answer for the points
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