Urgent !! Other can't see the doc created by a particular peson in view


I have a application in R4.6, user will submit a request for approval.  Once submitted, the 2nd level will be able to see the request pending approval in "Approval" view (now, approving person can't see the doc in this view), and each request will only see docs created by him/herself in the "Request" view.  

But, right now only in this user's PC she herself can see the doc.  I have done a Ctrl-Shift-F9 to update the views, but still useless.  Even I have Manager access to the database I also can't see the doc.

P/s:  Those docs created by other users can be seen by Appprobing person & myself.

When I go to her PC and do a copy & paste to another duplicated database, the doc can be seen in the duplicated database.

Anyone know why??  Or any hints..


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ArunkumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Anwsered Already please withdraw this question it has repeated twice !

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