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dl problems

(*) I have a MFC DLL with XApp as the only App object
(*) This dll contains a class Cy which is exported as a whole using __declspec(dllexport) .
(*) Another class Cz is also defined whose base class is CDialog.
(*) Cz's dialog box has some buttons and an Active X control.
(*) Cy contains a function Function1 that instanciates Cz and calls the DoModal funtcion of it.

Now I have a exe file which statically links the dll file, instantiates the Cy class and calls Function1.

The trouble starts here. The DoModal calls return -1 (Error), whenever the dialog box contains Active X controls. When the Active X Controls are removed, the DoModal works fine. I have used the "AfxEnableControlContainer()" in the InitInstance() function of XApp.

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1 Solution
Check the system whether your ActiveX is registred corectly and whether your DLL seing him. For register ActiveX use regsvr32.exe. C function DllRegister... work not properly.
noname000Author Commented:
Yeah The active X is registered correctly and I can use it from a normal EXE application. Just that when The dll tries to call this in a dialog box this fails
I managed to do what you are trying to do by using the following:

CSampleApp theApp;

extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) int Calc(int x)
 //must include this to allow MFC to be exported,
 CMyDialog dlg;
 return 2*x;

 //add this function through class wizard
BOOL CSampleApp::InitInstance()
 //include these to enable the use of an ActiveX control in DLL
 return CWinApp::InitInstance();

Good luck!
And if you link dinamicly have someproblem?

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