Modem Won't Dial in German Hotel

Help!  I am staying at a German hotel
in Ratingen.  (I'm at the office now with LAN connection - that's how I can get to the web.)  My modem is a megahertz 3cmm 156 B 56k modem.  It is in an IBM Thinkpad with Windows 98.  The hotel phone line requires a 7 to get to the trunk.  In properties of the modem I have already tried unchecking "Wait for Dial Tone" radio button.  It had no effect.  It would not proceed with dialing.  If you pick up the hand set you hear "beep beep beep" in rapid succession followed by a second of silence then "beep beep beep"...until you press the 7 and then you get a higher than US constant dial tone.  

When the radio button "wait for dial tone" is checked I get the error "no dial tone detected".  If I uncheck the wait for dial tone radio button it just waits 60 seconds and then gives and error that connection could not be established.  But listening to the laptop's speaker I can hear that it never even attempts to dial.  

I had no problem dialing out from hotels in Dublin or in Leiden Netherlands by the way.  

I leave tomorrow (Saturday) so I'd appreciate a workable answer as soon as possible.  Thanks in advance!

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Your best workable answer is to get you an ACCOUSTIC COUPLER to use with your modem.  I have one of these and
I have used it in GERMANY, all over the rest of EUROPE,
even U.S. hotels with digital lines that ordinarly my modem
would not work on.

These are well worth the money if you travel a lot.

If you would like one, post here, and I will tell you where to
buy one.
Go To:


and there you will find an ACOUSTIC COUPLER for sale.

get this and you will be ready for your next trip to Germany
or anywhere else in the world.
Good suggestion made by satwa.

I've had a friend who had the same problem in germany. Had him on the phone for about an hour, tried everything, but couldn't get a connection.

mmedwidAuthor Commented:
Yes - excellent suggestion.  I received it after getting back here state-side.  But I'll explain why it's particularly relevant.  After further examin the wiring in the room - I noticed that the connector to the wall was RJ45 and the connector the the phone was RJ11.  There were two pair in the line and the
wires crossed-over.  So no amount of fiddling with the modem code or Win98 settings or modem settings what-have-you would have resolved the issue.  But an acoustic coupler...that would have done the trick I bet.
I can guarantee you that the Acoustic Coupler will put you on line in any country of the world, that has a phone service.

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