First World War

I am a student doing ALevel history. i am trying to gather research about America's involvement in the first world war in order to do a presentation.
Can anybody help with this area?
Any information will be useful.
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Edited text of question.
Could I just ask why this question is in the general computing section?

World War 1 was fought because of secret alliances. The United States during the war was a supplier of arms to the allied nations(France and England). The arms were being sent through passanger boats going from nation to nation. The Germans suspected this and opened fire on a ship heading for Ireland. The Germans posted in American newspapers that they were going to do this also. The US then entered. The allied nations on the west and Russia then planned on an attack on
Germany. The idea was; to attack from both sides to split the German army. The allies won and Europe was safe.

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If you want the full explanation of America in World War I and
you need material for your research go to:


At this last site you will see a World War I picture of
King George decorating the 117th Tennessee Brigade.  The
only American Unit to ever receive a commendation from a
British Monarch.  I thought that this might be usefull to add for
your A level presentation.

Both these sites also have LINKS to other sites with material
on America in World War I.
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