forkbeard, answer this...

wanna have these points?

nils pipenbrinckAsked:
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mapperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Coolturtle, Nils,

You mentioned that you liked this option yet I did not get the credit for it - CT, since you accepted Nils' answer I am locked out of the pool here - I don't mind spliting the points, but getting none when you accepted my answer previously then awarded the points to Nils (since his answer was in first - my answer is different and provides better results - at least to the eye...) Just wondering what happened...


 Just copy a selection of the background large enough to cover the text area - then EDIT - DEFINE PATTERN.

Then enter the text you want and then holding down the contrl key click on the T in the text layer it will select the text - you will have to render the type layer to fill the text with the pattern you defined (EDIT - FILL - use the pattern first drop down box) fill with the  pattern you just saved - then using emboss or drop shadow (very nice effect) you can lift the text from the background - it will have the look as if it came out of the the background - but be readible...

This will give you text that looks like it came out of the background - it's a nicer effect than what you want to do...

Give it a try...

mapper, what the hell are you doing? i gave you the points so get a life. fork, answer it if you want

Sorry dude - but, they must have just awarded them today!

I did not mean to offend but I never did see the points until just now!  

I would not have said anything if the points were awarded.

Sorry - Coolturtle - I appologize BIG TIME!

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Thanks for the offer but as I mentioned in the other question it isn't necessary for you to give me 1/2 of the points you received.  You can turn down mapper's accidental answer and then delete the question.

nils pipenbrinckAuthor Commented:
I really don't care about this topic anymore. I don't even know, that the question was still open.. So since you're the first one posting an answer take the points... :)


I too no longer care for the points...

Much ado about nothing...

Tempest in a teapot - "Full of sound and fury that signify's NOTHING..."

Please leave me out of the loop - take all the points and have a Merry Christmas..."

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