Where to get SQL Trace Tools?

Hi experts:
  I am looking for a application to trace my sql script just like MS SQL Server which supply SQL Trace Tools to help me debug my application.
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jkotekConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The SQL Anywhere has its own build in tracing option.

in case of SQL Any 5:

run the db server with switches "-Z -o <tracefile>" (the Z must be a capital)
If that was not enough, go to the db server console, menu File/Configure and check the 'Logging to Message Window' option. You will get trace of all SQL commands and more.

for AS Any 6:

the "-Z -o <tracefile>" works here too.
And you can run the db server console application (dbconsol.exe) and menus 'File/Log File Options' and 'File/Configure/Request-Level Logging'.

And if you are using OpenClient to connect to SQL Any/AS Any, you can use  some free tools from Sybase for tracing any TDS communication (= all comunication between Sybase OpenClient and Sybase DB server).

You can download it from http://www.sybase.com/products/internet/jdbcconnect/utilities/ .

Are you using ODBC or native access? What application development language/environment are you using? Is this for Adaptive Server (ie Sybase SQL Server) or SQL Anywhere?
mailpiggyAuthor Commented:
Hi david levine:
  I am using VC or Delphi to design my client applications,I want to find some tools to trace my sql script that my applications send to the database server and this tools is for SQL Anywhere.Does it exist?
  ODBC supply trace log,but I think it is too prolixity to look!
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